It seems to be taking its sweet old time, but it looks like spring is finally making an appearance in my little corner of the world.  I woke up this morning to a clear and crisp day, and the loud honking of geese calling to one another in the early light.  The morning quickly gave way to a beautiful afternoon, sunny and bright.

Now, I have to admit, spring isn’t usually my favorite season.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m as thrilled as the next gal when the snow begins to melt away and bright patches of grass finally start to dot the landscape once again.  But the rain, the damp chill, and the fierce winds that often mark this time of year keep spring out of the running for my favorite season.  I’ve always preferred the hot and hazy days of summer or the brilliant hues of autumn.

This year is different, though.  This year I think I am beginning to understand why my husband, Brian, greets spring with joyful anticipation year after year.  A sense of happy expectation seems to vibrate all around me.  I’m not entirely sure why I feel differently this year -maybe it’s because this particular winter, although not overly harsh, seemed to drag on and on.  Whatever the reason, I’m feeling especially excited this year to see the return of flower buds and to watch the slow advance of the mercury in our outdoor thermometer as it rises into the 40s and beyond.  A walk around the neighborhood reveals a slow awakening all around me:  neighbors sprucing up yards that until recently were blanketed in snow, and people of all ages walking their dogs, jogging or riding bikes.  Even the mail carrier seems to be a little happier as she makes her daily rounds; no doubt she is excited to feel the sun’s warm rays again after months of slogging through snow banks to bring us our daily deliveries.

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m experiencing a type of springtime in my own life as well.  I have recently met new people who have challenged and inspired me in wonderful ways.  I have connected with old friends I haven’t heard from in years.  I have rediscovered some old hobbies and tried my hand at new ones.   I’m poised and ready to begin several new endeavors.

Happy spring!  Let the adventures begin!


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