Indiana Jones is 70

Fretting about my age is typically not an area where I choose to invest any significant mental energy.  I am not as young as I once was, and I hope, God willing, to get older yet, and that is that.  Additionally, I’ve always ascribed to the philosophy that one can enjoy a youthful outlook no matter the year of their birth.  That said, recently I have experienced certain small but undeniable signs that the carefree days of my younger years are apparently fading away.  I offer you the following list of seven markers of my encroaching middle age.

1)       I consider the 1990s to have been “not that long ago.”

2)       I find that I frequently use the words “Bub” or “Buster” when I am speaking of someone who irritates me.   If someone cuts me off in traffic, I might say “Watch it, Bub!” or “Take it easy, Buster!”  I have no idea why.

3)      Another marker occurred at my last eye doctor appointment.  The doctor prefaced discussing the need for an adjustment in my prescription with the words “at your age.”  What age would that be, Bub?

4)      I now spend part of my day watching the Weather Channel or checking their website for a forecast.  The weather matters to me now in a way that it never did in my younger years.  I want to know it all – wind speed, chance of precipitation, and the ratio of sun to clouds on any given day.   Why this is important to me, I cannot begin to understand, but it is, and I seem to be powerless to fight it.

5)      Speaking of the weather, I can independently confirm the coming of bad weather because my right hip will start to hurt.  I don’t think anything more needs to be said there.

6)      Sticker shock.    A recent grocery store run contained this exchange between my husband and I:

Me:  $3.00 for Graham Crackers?!?  (Exclaimed while I fanned myself the with shopping list)

Brian:  Are you kidding me?  What – do we live in Soviet Russia now?  These prices are crazy!

adventure hat7)      And finally, yesterday I realized that Harrison Ford is 70 years old.  Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan – he’s 70.  There’s nothing wrong with being 70.  It’s just that I was sure he would be 35 forever, and it seems that he isn’t.  In fact, he hasn’t been for 35 years.

I don’t understand how this could have happened.  I mean, he made all these great movies in the 80s and 90s…and the 90s were not that long ago.

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