We were pleased to have our extended family join us last Sunday for my son’s confirmation.  After the church service, we gathered at our home for a luncheon in honor of Liam’s confirmation, and also to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday.  (Her actual birthday is this Friday – Happy Birthday, Becky!)  With the warm weather that has recently arrived, it felt like a good idea to give her a summery present:  a sun tea jar decorated with brightly colored fruit slices all over it, tea, and extra large glasses to serve it in.  To round the gift out, I decided to crochet fruit slice coasters.  I found the patterns for them on a great blog I found – Repeat Crafter Me.   (A wonderful site – I’m sure I’ll be visiting it again.)

They were so quirky cute that I just had to make them!  Because I was using yarn left over from other projects, I had no expectation that they would turn out to be a perfectly uniform set.  I dove into my stash to see if I could find anything suitable to work with.

mothers day confirmation 011mothers day confirmation 012

I couldn’t find the exact colors I needed, but I found some that were close enough.  The coasters were quick and easy to make.  My biggest challenge was trying to adapt to the various weights of the yarns I was using.   I also failed to find a true orange color.  After working up a really ugly orange slice in rust colored yarn, I ended up leaving the orange slice coaster out of the set and making two apples instead (one red and one green).

Here’s how they turned out:

mothers day confirmation 020
pear, strawberry, green apple, red apple, watermelon, lemon

In general I was pleased with them, but I had some issues with the type of yarn I was using for the strawberry and the lemon slice.  The yellow yarn was Lion Brand Homespun – far too bulky for this project.  The red yarn was too fine; a worsted weight would have worked better.  I think I’d like to have a go at them again, using the yarn recommended in the pattern.  Sounds like a good excuse to go yarn shopping…

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