Beach Bag Crochet

Last week I crocheted a small tote bag for my daughter Virginia.  It’s the perfect size for carrying sunscreen, a book, her eyeglass case, and a change of clothes to the lake.  I used this pattern from Lion Brand Yarn as a guideline, although I changed it a little as I went.  I made the bag smaller and shortened the strap quite a lot, so that it was a better fit for a young girl.

storm clean up and crochet 009

(Even after I shortened the strap it was still a bit long.  I tried to cheat by just tying a knot in it, but Virginia said the knot was uncomfortable on her shoulder…so I had to go back and fix it “the right way.”)

I recently bought an assortment of Peaches and Crème yarn from Wal-mart with the intent to make some colorful dishcloths, but ended up appropriating the yarn for this project.  When it comes to color, Virginia’s philosophy is that it can’t be too busy or too bright.  The colors in the purse are bright lime, bright orange, bright pink, white, black, sunshine and forest green.  She loves it!

storm clean up and crochet 012
Virginia was happy to model her new bag for me.


A few years ago, my mother crocheted a bag for me which became my favorite summer beach tote.  I thought it was fun to pay it forward and make one now for Virginia.  (I have a sneaking feeling that  I will end up making a second, larger one as she grows older.)

This is the bag my mom made for me. I love the design and it holds a TON!


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