My Top Ten List of Summer Fun

We haven’t had much hot weather yet this year, but that doesn’t keep me from daydreaming about my favorite summer pastimes.  Here are my top picks, in no particular order:

1)      Spending as many days as possible at the beach.

For us, “the beach” is the sandy shore at Presque Isle State Park, where we love to swim in the cool waters of Lake Erie.


2)     Sleeping in as often as possible.

3)     Visiting our hometown ice cream shop on a hot summer evening.


4)     Cooking on the grill – every day!

5)      Amusement park fun at Kennywood and Waldemeer.

6)      Running around the yard on Independence Day with sparklers, and watching the fireworks over the rooftops.


7)      Catching fireflies.  Virginia names each one and then sets them free again.

8)      The smell of fresh mowed grass.

baby bunny

This baby bunny loves fresh mowed grass, too.

9)      Enjoying a good book while sitting outside and sipping a tall, cold glass of iced tea.

10)   That one week when the kids are at camp and Brian and I get seven days to enjoy life as grown-ups:  Meals that involve seasonings more complex than salt and pepper, date nights at the movie theater, and uninterrupted conversation.  I don’t have to ask anyone if they brushed their teeth or cleaned their room.  By the end of the week, we are refreshed and missing them.  It’s good for all of us.

I’m confident it will warm up soon, and then the fun will begin in earnest.

Happy Summer everyone!

4 thoughts on “My Top Ten List of Summer Fun

  1. I sure hope you’re right about it warming up. And, I hope you’ll get to participate in your top 10 favorite summer time things to do — real soon! (Thanks for the encouraging post. I’m feeling “brighter” already and it isn’t even Tuesday.)


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