Berry, Berry Good

blueberries 001

We picked fruit at a friend’s house last night.  She lives on seven acres of land dotted with fruit trees and berry bushes.  Right now, her blueberry bushes are erupting with clusters of ripe blueberries.  She invited us over to pick as many as we wanted – an invitation too good to pass up.  We came home with five quarts of ripe fruit.  I left them on the table last night, but I will spend this morning splitting them up.  Some will go into the fridge to eat when the mood takes us, some I will freeze to use later, and the rest will go into a blueberry cake I am baking for a potluck.  Yum!

The best part of picking your own berries is sampling the fruit as you pick.  Of course it takes longer to fill your basket that way, but there are few things that taste better than a ripe blueberry just picked.  Maybe a blueberry cake, freshly baked…I’ll let you know.

If you have never picked your own fruit before, I heartily recommend it to you.  The taste of fruit from the grocery store can’t compare to produce fresh from the field.  My daughter, who recently informed me that she wasn’t a “fan” of blueberries, ate them by the handful.  If, like me, you have the good fortune to know someone who grows food without the use of pesticides, than you can feast secure in the knowledge that you will not ingest any toxic chemicals.

A short tour of the property included trees overflowing with not-quite-ripe pears, apples and peaches.   A shady path through the woods was lined with raspberry, blackberry and elderberry bushes.  It was enough to make a city born gal like me want to move to the country and grow my own food.

Now that I slept on the idea, maybe I should try to grow a few tomatoes in a container on my patio and see how that goes.  In the meantime, we are told that we can come again – anytime! – and pick more fruit as it ripens.

Peach cobbler, anyone?

7 thoughts on “Berry, Berry Good

  1. Beautiful picture of blueberries! But it doesn’t even compare to the written description, the well turned sentences, the words of your post. 🙂

    Reading this while eating my Cheerios with blueberries! Mine were hand picked and delivered by a friend — straight from her heavy laden, pesticide free blueberry bushes. And, although I didn’t go over and pick them myself this time, they are still yummy as can be.


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