The Sweet Summertime

Who doesn’t love July?

The sun washed days, the freedom from the daily responsibility of school and homework, and a parade of birthday parties made July my favorite month in my youth.  Even now, I think of July as the Crown Jewel of Summer, a sparkling gem in a season of promise.

If July had a theme it would be Celebration!  The partying begins on Independence Day and continues the whole month through.  In my life, more loved ones are born in July than any other month.  Throw in a wedding or two, several graduation parties, my anniversary, my own birthday, church potlucks, and impromptu cook outs,  and it seems that every spare moment is spent in happy fellowship with family and friends.

Sadly, no celebration can last forever.  Tomorrow will be July’s last day.

A hint of sadness always accompanies the flipping of my calendar to August.  Yes, it is still summer, and the days are still long and beautiful. But the turning of the month marks a shifting in my mind set. It is time to think of back to school clothes and supplies.  The stores will fill their racks with autumn’s fashions.  The days will shorten – by just the tiniest bit, mind you, but noticeably so none the less.  In July it easy to think that summer will last forever; in August, I feel as though I must make pains to squeeze in the last bits of summer fun before we transition to autumn’s glory.

These final weeks of summer will fade away unnoticed unless you make a special effort to attend to them.  Only yesterday, I noticed the first leaves changing from vibrant green to a golden yellow.  Have you availed yourself of all that summer has to offer?  If not, perhaps I can tempt and inspire you with these photos of summer in my world.

Enjoy the photos – but better still, enjoy your summer!

(You can view the photos as thumbnails, or click on one to flip through individually.)

Last of all, enjoy this summer themed blog post on Nothing But Poetry.  It captures the allure of this wonderful season in poetry.

4 thoughts on “The Sweet Summertime

  1. YOU SAID: “Only yesterday, I noticed the first leaves changing from vibrant green to a golden yellow.”

    Just curious… where do you live that you are seeing this take place already?


      1. Ah! I thought maybe you were in Northern Manitoba or someplace like that. I just had a friend come back from a festival in Wisconsin and he said the warmest it got was 58 degrees. So I guess I’m glad I live in Colorado, where Autumn doesn’t arrive until the first couple of weeks of October (most times).

        Grace and peace,


      2. The weather has been unusual this year. July was very hot, but now we are having temps in the low 70s and colder than that at night. Doesn’t stop us from going for a swim though! Colorado is a beautiful state. Years ago I spent some time in Telluride during July where I was freezing every time the sun went behind a cloud! Blame it on the elevation, maybe! I guess kooky weather happens everywhere. 🙂


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