A Bunch of Nothing

This blog post is about nothing.

Yesterday I had five different ideas for blog articles, but today they drifted away from me like feathers in the wind.  To combat this recurring problem, weeks ago I began the practice of writing down my ideas as they pop into my head.  My hope was to record some of my better insights before they were forgotten.  Supposed flashes of genius now litter my desk, a colorful pile of Post-it notes and torn scraps of notebook paper.  These cryptic notes contain key phrases that were meant to capture my inspired thoughts, but now they read as a bizarre amalgam of my mind’s wanderings.  Reading through them I find offbeat gems like these:

“The cat is ME.”

“Lord of the Rings vs. Gone With the Wind.  Think about this.”

“What am I looking for when I’m not looking for anything?”

“Toothpaste, milk, eggs, bread, ketchup”


I think that last one might have been a misplaced shopping list.  But you can see what I’m dealing with here, and it’s not good.

I wrote two different novels, four short stories, and three or four entertaining blog posts in the last three weeks, but ONLY IN MY HEAD.  I don’t know if you realize this, but books that exist only in a person’s head are very difficult, if not impossible, to market to a wider audience.

Frustrating as this is to me, I will persevere.  I will continue writing in my journal, I will go on recording my random thoughts, and I will keep writing blog posts on a regular basis.  I hold out hope that if I keep putting words down long enough, one of my ideas will eventually spark a greater body of work.

Who knows?  The beginnings of the next great novel might be hiding somewhere in this pile of random thought bubbles.  What do you think “Better a pompous donkey than a ruffled hen” means?  I feel like that one could really mean something…okay, probably not.

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