Crocheted Mug Hug & Rug


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I needed a birthday gift for a family member, so I decided to try my hand at crocheting a coffee cup cozy and matching coaster.  I didn’t have a pattern, but I figured – hey, it’s just a rectangle with a button, right?  For once, I was right, and it was quite simple to make.

The “mug hug”  is crocheted in rows of half double crochet (hdc), with eight hdc per row. After the rectangle grew long enough to wrap around the mug, I crocheted an edge in single crochet (sc) all the way around it for a finished look.  Beginning at a corner, I crocheted about 24 chain stitches (ch) and then attached it to the opposite corner on the same end of the rectangle.   The button is sewn on the opposite end of the rectangle. Wrap the cozy around the mug, pull the chain over the handle and loop over the button.  TA-DA!

If you want to make your hug cover more of the cup, add a few more hdc to the row to make it wider. I preferred to keep mine narrow because I didn’t want the recipient getting a mouthful of yarn when they took a sip!

The “mug rug” is crocheted in rounds using hdc.  To finish it off, I crocheted a row of sc, followed by a final edging done reverse single crochet.

I was pleased with the final product. If you are looking for a crochet project that is quick, easy, and cute – then try your hand at crafting a mug hug and rug.  A quick search will turn up many free patterns or you can try to follow my method.  Feel free to comment and ask for clarification if my directions don’t make sense.



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