You Never Can Tell

I planned to share words of inspiration with you today.

I was going to invite you to walk with me on a quest to live each day with intention.  I saw us, linked across miles and continents and oceans by the miracle of the internet, embarking together on a journey of personal discovery.  It was going to be exciting and epic, and more than a little corny, but inspiring nonetheless – an uplifting call to enjoy all that life offers.

Then I thought, “That sounds exhausting.”  And I got up to make some peanut butter toast.

The level of inspiration went south after that.

I thought about this turn of events as I munched my toast, and I wondered which attitude revealed the real me.  Was it the “dream bigger, make your own future, experience all you can while simultaneously appreciating the life you have” persona who shows up from time to time on this blog?  Or is it that other uninspired woman who also asserts her presence here – the one who bemoans her inability to maintain an orderly house or style her own hair, and would rather eat peanut butter from a spoon than write the rest of this post?

The answer is obvious, of course.  They are BOTH me.  Some days I feel empowered, ready to sample all that life has for me.  Other days, I only want to sample ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I’m okay with that.  I understand my limits, and I know how wildly my ambitions wax and wane.  One day I have ten new ideas to rock my world, and then the next I can barely work up the enthusiasm to brush my teeth.

I think a lot of people can relate to this type of instability, this mercurial shifting of attitude and behavior.  It’s one of the reasons why a human being tends to be more interesting than say, a dog.  I have a dog, and I love her to bits.  But she’s not that hard to figure out:  Food – hooray, it’s time to eat!  A walk – hooray, it’s time to explore!  The mailman – boo, it’s time to bark!  Responses to her daily stimuli are mind numbing in their predictability.

But people – people are different.  You can never be sure what they might say or how they might act.  The same driver who shook an angry fist at you for blocking the intersection might stop a mile up the road to help you with a flat tire.  Or he might cruise past at top speed, laughing at your misfortune. You never can tell.

So, check back in a few days.  I might have something grand to say about life and all that it has to offer.  Then again, I might not.  I might be pondering my belly button lint.  I really can’t promise anything here.

In the meantime, put your feet up and give yourself a break from the demands of your busy life.  Or charge out to meet the world head on.  Whatever.  Do what you want; I know I’m going to.

Peanut butter toast, anyone?

I lack the motivation needed to provide an illustration that will compliment this blog post. Instead, enjoy this random and unrelated photo of a billy goat.

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