Crocheted Hats

band and crochet august 013I was knocked over by a summer illness last week. I wasn’t sick enough to be confined to my bedroom all day, but I wasn’t strong enough to get any real work done either.   Life is dull indeed when you can’t seem to find the energy for everyday tasks.  I love to read, but I can only stare at the written word for so long before my eyes start to cross. As a result, my primary activity while I convalesced was crocheting.  I finished two prayer shawls last month, so I was ready for a new project.

pink hat and owl 002

First I made several of those cute owl hats that have been popping up all over.  I made a basic hat, and then crocheted a small triangle for the nose, along with round eyes.  I added a few tufts of hair at the corners by tying some extra yarn between stitches.  The facial features are sewed on with a yarn needle.

After that, I moved on to other animals.  Again I started with the basic hat pattern in either double crochet or half double crochet, and then added crocheted facial characteristics.

penguin and panda 002 penguin and panda 001

The penguin was one of my favorites! The panda looks a bit serious, I still think he’s cute – in a bug eyed sort of way!

When I tired of making animals, I moved on to new territory.  First I made this adorable toddler sized hat in bright pink –

pink hat and owl 001

and then I made this minion hat for Virginia.  She waited patiently all week while I made hats that didn’t fit her.  She was excited when she was able to claim one for her own.

At last, my own minion!  Nothing can stop me now.
At last, my own minion! Nothing can stop me now.

I also made hats for both of my sons, and began another prayer shawl.  For all of the hats, I used yarn from my stash – mostly Red Heart Acrylic yarn or Caron Simply Soft.  I didn’t use a published pattern, but I did view several pictures of each style of hat to decide what direction I wanted to take for my own creation.  It was fun.  Start with your own favorite beanie pattern and then experiment with crocheting different facial shapes to try making your own.

I wasn’t too thrilled with my summer illness, but I was happy to spend my “down time” playing in yarn.  Please feel free to comment and tell me your favorite(s) as I plan to crochet more of them for a Christmas craft sale.

3 thoughts on “Crocheted Hats

  1. Thank you both for your compliments. They minion hats do seem to be a big hit with older kids – and adults, too. If I make them again, I may add a bit of brown to the minion eye and maybe a small stitched on smile. Keeps me interested if I keep changing it up. 🙂


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