Rise and Shine


The school year is well underway, resulting in schedule changes for every member of my family. While some students and parents might have difficulty adjusting to the demands of the academic calendar after a summer of leisure, my children and I have our morning routine timed to perfection.

6:30 AM – Alarm clock beeps.  I hit snooze three times I spring out of bed to start day.

7:00 AM – Wake children with panicked screams of “You’re Late!” by sweetly singing “Good morning, sleepy head” to each of them.

7:05 AM – Fling cold pop tarts at them while they stumble around trying to find clean underwear.  Prepare a nourishing breakfast of eggs and toast.

7:10 AM – Yell at dog for eating unattended pop tart.  Hand out daily vitamins.

7:15 AM – Yell at kids for playing with toys/iPod instead of getting ready.  Gently remind kids of the time to help them stay on track.

7:20 AM – Dig through basket of unfolded laundry looking for matching socks.  Wait while children dress themselves in the clothing they laid out the night before.

7:25 AM – Check under couch cushions for lunch money.  Hand the kids the delicious lunch I packed with care the night before.

7:30 AM – Force oldest child out front doorPretend I don’t notice he is wearing the same shirt he wore yesterday.  Say wise words encouragement to my son as he leaves to walk to school.

7:45 AM – Open bathroom door and discover my daughter has not brushed her teeth or hair, but instead spent the last twenty minutes making silly faces in mirror.  Panic when I realize she is still in pajamas.  Put finishing touches on my daughter’s hair.

7:50 AM Run to catch bus.  I walk my daughter to the bus stop.  She climbs aboard the bus, and  I wave good-bye with relief pride.

Remember, a good school day starts at home.  With divine intervention With a little advance planning, you can be a meaningful part of your child’s educational success by providing routine and organization.

Happy school days, everyone!


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