I’ll Think of Something

My dear friend Betsy and I decided to start a writing group.

Well, really it was Betsy’s suggestion, but I said “Great idea!” and begged her to let me participate.  She graciously agreed.

Now, all we need are other people to join us.  Oh, and to write, of course.

Betsy and I already get together to drink coffee and talk about writing.  You know, we say things like, “I plan to write something, sometime.  Maybe.”  Also, sometimes we eat cookies or doughnuts.

So you can see, we already have a deep level of dedication to the writer’s craft.  Clearly, we know what we’re doing.  But, we want to go take things to the next level and share what we’ve written with other aspiring authors for encouragement and critique.

We haven’t recruited any other group members yet, but we committed to showing up for our first meeting regardless – with a piece of writing to share.  So far, I’ve come up with three different ideas for books and thought of clever working titles for each of them.

I’m not sure, but I think she may have wanted me to bring something with a bit more substance to share.  (Who can be sure?  I’m not a mind reader!)

I’m not worried.  I’ll think of something brilliant at the eleventh hour.  Perhaps a note from my doctor excusing my absence from writing group due to severe case of Ignavus Scriptor, a highly contagious virus which primarily attacks authors.

All kidding aside, it’s time to get to work.  I have only two days until our group meets, so for now I must bid you a fond farewell and turn my attention to creating something worthy of sharing with my peers.

Like sugar cookies.

cooking lesson 1 013

2 thoughts on “I’ll Think of Something

  1. I’ll comment on this as soon as I’m done laughing! No, I’m commenting and laughing — I’ll start on my writing for Wednesday as soon as I’m done laughing, and done with this comment, and right after I finish my ironing, and maybe have a cookie, and plan dinner, and put away the clean laundry and… Apparently I don’t really want to write anything, besides this comment. (How many words am I up to?)


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