Here We Go!

Today is “Make A Hat” Day!

(They have days for just about everything now, don’t they?)

football and band 023It just so happens I was making a hat today anyway.  Our local high school football team is enjoying a great start to their season (3 -0), and I wanted a hat in the school colors to wear to the games.  Friday’s night game was great fun, but sitting on the cold metal bleacher seats under the spray of a light September rain was a tad chilly!  My son is in the marching band, and our family will be there with him for many more Friday nights at the football field this season.  I can guarantee they will only become colder as the weeks progress.

But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?  Sipping hot chocolate with my family at my side, our knees covered with a fleecy stadium blanket, cheering on the team and clapping for our son when he performs with the band at halftime  – it’s all part of the football experience!

football and band 011

I didn’t grow up around here, but that didn’t stop me from feeling nostalgic during the last game. Not much has changed since I used to show up to root for the home team in my own adolescence.  Small groups of girls wander the sidelines, doing more visiting than game watching. High school boys devour orders of nachos, oblivious to the girls that watch them as they shovel chips loaded with melted cheese into their mouths.  Parents and grandparents fill the stands to support the team.  The cheerleaders and the marching band cheer the team on with unflagging enthusiasm.  It’s a little slice of Americana, and it seems as if the whole community shows up to be a part of it.

football and band 001

Best of all is when your team is wins –  which ours did by a incredibly wide margin: 59 – 6.

Yup, it doesn’t get any better than that!

4 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Thanks for the memories! Our Nathan was in the band just a few years ago — 21 of them!!! Loved the description of the football game attendees. Some things just don’t change 🙂


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