Six Months!

I just realized my blog passed the six month mark this week!  I sometimes start new adventures with the best of intentions only to somehow (cough) lose my focus and drift off course.  Thankfully, that has not been the case with my blog.  To celebrate, I created a list of the top six reasons I’m happy I began writing Bright Tuesday

1)      I’m writing again!  Actual words!  After years of ignoring my dreams, I’m putting words on paper.  It feels wonderful.

2)      Even more exciting, my writing has improved.  I am also developing discipline in completing my writing projects.  Knowing that I have followers expecting regular updates helps me to prioritize writing at the top of my To Do List each day.  It also seems to be true that the days I blog are often the days when I get substantial work completed on other projects.  In other words: the more I write, the more I write.

3)      I’m traveling the world – in a virtual sense.  Blogging makes the whole world accessible, even if I never leave the comfort of my own home. I love reading posts written by people in distant countries, and taking note of how their lives differ from my own.  More often, however, I’m struck by how much we have in common.    It’s a rush to see people thousands of miles away are clicking on  Bright Tuesday and leaving their comments.  I’m thinking of getting a blank map to hang on my office wall, and then shading in a country every time my dashboard reports a reader from a different nation.

4)      I use my blog as parenting leverage, as in “Knock that off, kids, or I’ll write about it in my blog.”  Of course, they know I wouldn’t really do that…but do they really want to take the chance?

addtext_com_MTM1MjI5MTE2MTc5)      I just really like saying “my blog.”  Try it – it’s fun:  “Have you read my blog?”  “Here’s my blog address.”  “Would you like to submit a picture for my blog?”  See what I mean?  It may not be The New Yorker, but my blog is my baby.  I love bragging on her.

6)      I am more adventurous!  It felt like a big risk, putting my thoughts and words out on the internet, for anyone to read.  But hey, if I can do that, I can do anything, right?  Right!  Join a writing group and start submitting work to publishers?  No problem.  Start an etsy store?  Easy.  Meet new people, go new places, sign up for new experiences?  Check, check, and check.  I’m having a personal renaissance here, folks, and it’s awesome!

Thanks for reading Bright Tuesday!  I can’t believe how quickly the first six months have gone, and I can’t help but wonder how this space will grow in the coming months.

One thing is certain – if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.


6 thoughts on “Six Months!

  1. Oh man! I wish I had written that. Way to go, way to grow. If I sound a tad jealous it’s because I am. In fact…turning green over here. You’ve niggled my little, tiny, competitive streak — gotta go, I’ve got writing to do.


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