Handmade Christmas

Only 71 days until Christmas!

july stuff 002I realize a pronouncement like that might make me sound like one of those mall-crazed consumers who can’t wait to start throwing wads of money away by the fistful on shiny, over priced toys and gadgets that will become obsolete before the wrapping paper is cleared from the living room floor.  I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.  I do, however, enjoy making homemade gifts – and that takes time.  This year I swore I was going to start early.  And I did…sort of.  I made two (and a half!) wreaths in July.  That’s it.

This timeline is further compromised because I intend to participate in – AND WIN!!! – NaNoWriMo this year.  So with November spoken for while I write an amazing novel, and October’s days quickly passing on by…I’m running out of time.

I need to get shakin’.

I need to figure out what to make, and for whom.  Some people don’t enjoy receiving homemade gifts as much as others, and I try to respect that.  After all, I want the gift to make the recipient happy!

I find it harder to make gifts for men.  There just don’t seem to be as many crafty items that they enjoy receiving.  There are, however, two gift items that I have made for the men in my family that rank hang on their approval list.   The first is….THE BEARD HAT.

winter stuff 2013 001beard hat 001

It seems silly, but these crocheted hats were a huge hit with my husband and son.  They were received with enthusiasm, and every time they are worn people comment positively on them.  Beard hats get you noticed!  Friends and other family members have asked for them, but I haven’t made any more…yet.

slippersAlso in my Men’s Gift Hall of Fame are these Norwegian Slippers.  I made my first pair last winter for my step-dad who LOVED them.  My mother and step-dad own llamas, which they shear yearly for their wonderful fleece.  My mother spins the fiber into yarn which she frequently gives to me.  (Lucky me!)  Last year I used the yarn from their llamas to make a pair of felted slippers.  By all reports, they are like walking on clouds.  Again, several other family members requested slippers for themselves.  But have I made them?

No, I have not.  I’m woefully behind schedule.  So if you will excuse me…I have some crafting to do!


Helpful links:

How to make Norwegian Slippers:  Crochet version.  These directions also link back to an article with the directions in knit, as well as offering a link to a very helpful tutorial video on youtube.

How to make crocheted beard hats:  Click here and here.


9 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas

    1. It is a rag wreath. They are super easy to make. Just bend a wire coat into a circle, cut or tear strips of fabric into 8 to 12 inch lengths, and tie them to the wire. Then I add a bow at the top. Use the hook part for a hanger – I usually cover it with fabric also. Hope that makes sense. 🙂 A quick internet search will turn up more detailed directions, I’m sure. 🙂


  1. Oh, oh, oh, quick, can you teach me to make slippers and beard hats? Great guy gifts for all the great guys our lives. 🙂


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