I consider myself to be a goal oriented person.  I have big hopes and dreams, not only for my own life, but also for the lives of my children and other loved ones.  It’s exciting to think about what may be someday, to imagine our lives to come.

It can also be stressful.  Sometimes I get wound up inside worrying how or if these goals will ever be realized.  Instead of living in hopeful expectation, I become anxious and worried.

Worst of all,  I forget to pay attention to today.  I let future concerns rob me of my life right now.  


Today the clouds formed shapes I won’t see ever see again.  

The color of the leaves belongs to today alone; they will be a little different tomorrow.  

My life will never again be just as it is today.

Today is unique.

And so, just for today, I’m not going to worry about anything.  I’m going to play with my dog, and drink coffee with my mom.  I’m not going to stress over the cat hair on the couch cushions.  I’m going to stand in the sun, and watch the leaves blow in the wind.

Tomorrow can take care of itself.

So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Matthew 6:34

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. I think sometimes we’re so busy thinking about the future that we can miss the beautiful moments that are happening right now.
    Mindfulness is a good way of appreciating the moment, I do try it, but I am guilty of wishing my life away (as my granny called it) sometime!


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