Meet My Writing Group!

Not long ago, I mentioned I would be participating a writing group.  I was nervous at first, but the group is chugging along now — and I love it!

There are five participants (including me), only one of whom I knew before the first meeting.   I am enjoying the mix of personalities and writing styles each one of these lovely ladies brings to the table.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce them to you —

First, there is our founding member, Betsy.  Betsy can be summed up in one word: amazing! Her positive attitude and unflagging encouragement are a gift to all of us, and her writing is inspirational and thoughtful.  Check out her blog REGENERATION at  She offers a peek into her life in the country, her family, and her faith.

I consider Jackie to be the poet of our group.  Her writing has a lyric flair I admire and enjoy.  She pours her heart out every time she puts pen to paper.  She has a brand new blog at  Give it a read and leave her a message – she loves to hear from new people.

Sarah is bubbly and enthusiastic, and her prose reflects her positive demeanor.  A prolific writer, she can write pages on anything from parenthood to produce.  (She once wrote an ode to a tomato!)  She blogs regularly about her faith and family at

Our newest member is Lisa.  Lisa has a wonderful writing blog at  She went on a short hiatus, but now wants to get back to the business of writing.  She brings both energy and experience to the group.  I hope she begins blogging again; she has a lot to offer.  In the meantime, I continue to click on archived posts  — lots of good information for aspiring authors to be found there!

Those are the talented women of my writing group.  I am excited to continue developing the craft of writing with the support of these ladies.



4 thoughts on “Meet My Writing Group!

  1. Wow, this is a nice tribute to our writing group…sounds like we’re really something! Big smile. Thanks for the terrific descriptions of us and links to our blogs. But you forgot to describe you and your contributions to the group. No matter. Anyone who follows this blog can see what an impressive writer you are. I love that you can blog poignantly with deep reflection or hilarious frivolity about anything. Your writings are full of surprises. And of course, you set a good example for us to follow: you write on a daily basis. That spurs me and — I’m pretty sure — all of us on. Thank you so much!


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