I Hereby Resolve…

My Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  Develop a flowchart system of charts and calendars to keep our family organized.  Find my keys.

2.  Make 5 new friends!  Learn the name of my child’s teacher.

3.  Balance my checkbook monthly.  Don’t use my account for three months and then check to see what (if anything) is in it.

4.  Go on weekly date nights with my husband.  Spend one night a month hiding from our children in the basement while we watch reruns of Bones on the old television set with the sound turned down all the way.

5.  Exercise for thirty minutes daily.  Park on the far side of the lot when I do my weekly grocery shopping.  Unless it’s raining.  Or snowing.  Or very windy.

6.  Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day.  Who are we kidding here?  No one, that’s who.

7.  Eat eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  Choose the fruit cup or apple slices instead of in addition to the french fries.

8.  Adopt a patient parenting style that focuses on recognizing positive behaviors instead of punishing negative ones.  Give each child a single use “Get Out of Consequences Free” card for 2014.

9.  Adopt a self care routine that includes a makeover, daily stretching, and a wardrobe overhaul.  Throw out that one bra that is held together by safety pins.

10.  Write every day for at least thirty minutes or 750 words.  Come up with a good title for my next (still unwritten) book idea.

Yes, indeed, 2014 is going to be a great year!  Happy New Year to all!


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