Enough is Enough

My children headed back to school yesterday, their first day after a long break over the holidays.  Today they were home again.

Polar temperatures caused today’s school closure.  This has not been a fun-filled snow day, packed with enjoyable past times like sledding and snow ball fights.  The extreme cold and wind chill warnings precluded any outdoor activities.  It’s been a day of forced indoor togetherness, something my children seem to have had enough of after an extended break from school.

And truthfully, I’ve had enough of them being together, too.

It seems that vacation time is great for building up the bonds of sibling love – at first.  A few days of watching movies and playing cards?  Awesome.  A week of playing board games, building snow men, and constructing Lego cities?  Super fun.  But there comes a time when enough is enough.

Seventeen days of school vacation, followed almost immediately by one more day of school closure?  It’s too much.

Tempers are frayed.  Cabin fever has extracted its toll.  It is now impossible for the two of them to agree on anything.  There is no television show in the entire world they both want to watch.  One is too bossy, and the other is too moody.  How could she eat the last chocolate chip cookie?  He went in my room without permission!  I’m certain she is breathing more than her share of oxygen, Mom!  Mom, make him stop looking at me!  MOM, MAKE HIM/HER LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Twelve cents worth of ramen noodles = twenty minutes of heated debate today.  It's definitely time for school to start again.
Twelve cents worth of ramen noodles = twenty minutes of heated debate today. It’s definitely time for school to start again.

Meanwhile, I’m hiding from both of them in my room, head under the covers while I concentrate on deep breathing exercises.  When they barge in to demand my Solomon like wisdom to settle a dispute – who can eat the last packet of Top Ramen? – I pretend to be asleep.

I understand why they called school off.  It’s beyond cold.  It’s Antarctica out there.  They cancelled the kids snowboarding lessons yesterday due to the danger of frostbite.  My husband’s car won’t start.  Facebook friends are posting pictures of the ice on the inside of their home’s windows.  The fire department set up an emergency warming station.  I’m sure there are places even colder than this out in the wide world, but I can state definitively they are not places I am interested in visiting.  This is cold enough for me.

I don’t need it to be warm, though.  I just need it be warm enough.  Warm enough for these kiddos of mine to get back on that yellow bus and head to school.

The simple truth is this:  They had their winter break.  And now I want mine.

C’mon sun!  Let’s get some solar power happening around here!

9 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Well said! I am in complete and utter agreement, considering that I have 4 children in our home…17 days is too much togetherness for the one year old…and it even drew the 19 year old out of hibernation to see who is bickering about what now! Haha!


  2. Nightmare. The lowest temp I’ve experienced (in Belfast) is – 10’C (14F) a couple of years ago, the whole country practically ground to a halt. What temp is it with you? Hope your kids get back to school soon, we were ready to get back to work /school ourselves after 2 weeks off. Jean


  3. The official low around here yesterday was -13 degrees F (which I believe is -25 degrees Celsius if my internet converter is correct) and very windy, making it seem even colder. Today we got all the way to 4 degrees Farenheit! (-15C). The kids are supposed to go back tomorrow, and warmer days are in the forecast, thankfully!


  4. Thanks for the bit of entertainment! Have I told you before… you really have a way with words. 🙂 Keep ’em coming!


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