I Guess It Was Just One of Those Days

to do list

What I Planned To Do Today

  • Go grocery shopping first thing in the morning, right after the kids leave for school.
  • Exercise*  (Vow to do this three times a week from now on.)
  • Organize income tax records, utilizing a simple, yet detailed system of folders and colored post-it notes.
  • Dust and vacuum the living room, taking extra care to remove all the pet hair from the couch cushions.
  • Drop off the recycling.  (Make a plan to drop it off every Friday from now on to avoid build up of junk on porch.)
  • Empty the kitchen trash, and deodorize the can.
  • Do the laundry – all the dirty clothes, plus sheets and curtains.  (Promise to stay on top of it from now on.)
  • Water the house plants.  (Make mental note to remember to do this weekly from now on.)
  • Organize my craft room.  (Decide to put everything in its proper place from now on.)
  • Start rewriting/editing my Nanowrimo novel manuscript.  (Vow to work on this for at least one hour daily from now on.)

What I Really Did Today

  • Facebook**
  • Words With Friends
  •  I started organizing the taxes, but I got distracted by a phone call after ten minutes.  Talked on the phone for an hour.
  • I lit a scented candle.
  • Facebook**
  • I asked Brian to empty the trash can for me since he “already had shoes on.”  While he did that, I checked Facebook.**
  • I ran a load of clothes in the washer at 9 AM.  Then I forgot about it for the rest of day.
  • I pulled out all my craft stuff and left it in piles on the floor.  Then I checked in on Facebook**.
  •  I wrote a blog post made entirely of lists…and posted it on Facebook**.

*EXERCISE has been on my to-do list since 2006.  I haven’t done it yet, but I keep moving it to the next day’s list.  Hope springs eternal.)

**  Follow BRIGHT TUESDAY ON FACEBOOK.  I really keep on top of it.

I forgot about this plant for months, BUT TODAY I WATERED IT.
I forgot about this plant for months, BUT TODAY I WATERED IT.

3 thoughts on “I Guess It Was Just One of Those Days

  1. Seriously, one of the best blog posts ever! Even though I love exercise and I’m sad that you did not get to it today…I love the way you wrote about your day! 🙂 Awesome-possum!!!


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