Stop Wondering

I have a Facebook page for Bright Tuesday.  I’ll be honest with you:  Almost no one goes there except personal friends and family members.  But still, I have it, and I like it, as it gives me something else to obsess over, and it’s a grand way to avoid housework.  I post my blog there, share funny and inspirational memes I find on other pages, and create a few of my own.  If I get more than three likes, or if anyone shares even one item, I feel like it’s a banner day.

Until I posted this:

making it up

For some reason, unknown to me, this particular meme has taken off.  To be clear, “taken off” in this instance means that it has been shared fourteen times to date.  Probably not a great accomplishment for one of those pages sitting on top of thousands of likes, but for my little corner of Facebook, it’s unprecedented.  I’m inordinately excited over those fourteen shares, in a Sally Field at the Oscars “they really like me!” sort of way.  It’s embarrassing, really.

Far be it from me to  over-analyze a mundane occurrence (who are we kidding?  That’s exactly the sort of thing I live for!), but I can’t help but wonder…why this particular sentiment?  It’s likely simply “one of those things,” meaning that it happened to appeal to one friend, who posted it, and then one friend of theirs did the same, and so on.  But it’s never happened before, despite my best attempts to generate page interest.  In fact, I almost didn’t post that meme, which confirms a sneaking suspicion I’ve had of late, namely that I have absolutely no idea what people want to read or see.

But I digress.

Back to the question at hand:  Why was this meme so popular?

Is it the sentiment itself, reassuring those who read it that they don’t need to have all the answers; that it is, in fact, fine to live life as it comes, without ascribing to some of sort of master plan for transcendent fulfillment that everyone from Joel Osteen to Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials seems to be insisting we all aspire to?

Or is it the cutesy font?  All the o’s look like little suns — who could resist that?

Or maybe, just maybe, I’ve spent too much time isolated in my own home, a prisoner of endless days of sub zero temperatures and a chest cold that won’t go away, hopped up on sinus medicine, with my only interaction being one-sided conversations with my dog, thereby causing me to scrutinize trivialities in search of meaning that doesn’t exist?

Yeah, it’s probably that last thing.  Now I truly can “stop wondering.”

3 thoughts on “Stop Wondering

  1. Oh my gosh, Kristine, your writing hits me between the eyes, tickles my funny bone, inspires and delights me. I’d use more clichés, but I don’t have any more on the tip of my tongue or off the top of my head. All that to say, I love this post and I love your writing in general. Really, I do!


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