But I Make Those Sweat Pants Look Good!

Ah, the heady and ever changing world of fashion and fads

I don’t care about it all.

I used to care, not a LOT, but enough.  Enough to be sure I was wearing the right jeans, or the latest jewelry, or to be willing to appear in public wearing ridiculously furry boots  — despite a persistent voice in my head warning me that I looked like a suburban Yeti as I strolled through my local mall with over-sized strips of fake lambs wool wrapped about my shins.

Because that’s the thing about fashion trends– they warp your perception.  They make you think you can pull things off even when you know in your heart you can’t.  During my high school years in the early eighties, I fell victim to this on several occasions.  I owned at least five pairs of knit leg-warmers, and never once wore them in public.  I would get dressed for school, add the legwarmers to my outfit, look in the mirror, grimace, and then take them off.  BUT I KEPT BUYING MORE LEGWARMERS.  I kept thinking, one day, ONE DAY, I’ll find the perfect pair, a pair that will magically pull my outfit together and make me look “totally awesome.”

Never happened.

I also owned a drawer full of skinny headbands (never worn), fashion bola ties (worn often — regrettably), and miles of plastic bead necklaces.  (I actually miss those.  The super long strands that could be tied in a knot or wrapped around my neck several times?  Loved them.)  I wore jeans pegged so tight at the ankles that they threatened to cut off the circulation to my feet.  I permed my hair to help it reach seemingly impossible heights.  I wasn’t the trendiest girl at my high school, but I did try to keep up appearances.

I don’t worry about that now.

That twenty-something woman who was willing to spend all day shopping at eight different stores in search of the perfect little black dress, and didn’t think twice about dropping $200 when she finally found it?  She doesn’t live here anymore.   She’s been replaced by a middle-aged housewife who finds herself thrilled to the core to discover a website that sells sweatpants with pockets in them.  I’m not too proud to admit I ordered a pair in every color available.

Look, I’m not saying I’ve given up.  (I may have given up, but I’m not saying it.)  I still care about how I look — in public, at least.  I just don’t care what’s featured on the covers of fashion magazines these days.  Sure, I’ll indulge in a trend or two, but honestly, I don’t want to spend money on clothes that will be out of fashion before the season is over.   And I want to be comfortable as well as stylish.  There are no shoes cute enough to justify pinched toes anymore.

There just aren’t.

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