One Year Ago Today…

candle-249410_640One year ago today, acting on a persistent desire to start writing again, I clicked my way onto the WordPress site and started my first blog.

Well…not my very first blog.  I must confess to setting up a blog template on another host site back in the mid 2000’s with the intention of sharing my adventures in crocheting and crafting.  I called it Krissy Crochet.  (Blech.  Not once — in my entire life – have I allowed anyone to call me ‘Krissy.’ What could I have been thinking?)   I never published a single post there, but I did spend an entire week setting up the site, filling out the admin bio, and trying to take the perfect selfie to post in the sidebar.

And then I never, ever visited the site again.

So you see, that blog doesn’t really count because I never posted anything there…right?  Right. (This is the moment where you nod in agreement with me.)

But I digress.

My first REAL blog started here exactly one year ago.  I didn’t have a catchy angle, or any idea how I would create material week after week for my followers.  I only knew I wanted to write again.  Blogging seemed like the best way to get going, so I wrote the first thing that came to mind — and then hit publish before I could talk myself out of it.

I’m a private person (or at least I used to be), so I surprised myself when I started sharing the details of my life online.

I’ve shared my hopes and dreams, and also confessed my fears and phobias.

My thoughts on parenting, marriage, friendship, and everyday life became weekly fodder for blog posts.

I’ve shared special memories, discussed my faith, tried to make you laugh, shared my craft projects, and set lofty goals.

I’ve even let my snarky side out every now and again.

And now I’m looking at a milestone.

One year!  (Cue fireworks and toss confetti here…)

You might wonder what I’m so excited about – after all, Bright Tuesday hasn’t catapulted me into writer’s stardom.  I’ve never been tagged for the “Freshly Pressed” feature.  (Didn’t you read this one, Daily Post editors?)  And while I’m pleased to have a loyal base of readers (thank you, one and all), I’m by no means a household name.

None of that matters.

What matters is this — I love writing here.

No, that’s not right.

I LOVE writing here.  And I’m so very glad you’ve decided to read my words.

Happy Birthday, Bright Tuesday!



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