Take Me There

Today is not a pretty spring day.  The wind is blowing, rain is falling, the sun is hiding, and the temperature has stalled at thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

There are days when I can look beyond less than ideal weather conditions and see beauty instead.  Those are the days when I can find the interesting shades of gray in a dull palate of sky, or when I can be thankful because it is raining lightly but not violently storming.  I can step outside and instead of registering disappointment over unseasonably cool weather, I happily clap my hands together and declare to all that the day is perfect for a brisk walk in the bracing air.

This is not one of those days.

This is the kind of day where I shake my fist at the thermometer and stand staring out the window, fists planted on my hips, not quite believing what I see.  What happened to the blue skies and warm temperatures that were here only days ago?  Where have the frisky bunnies and chirping birds gone?  Where, o where, is the sun?

Somewhere else — which is, quite frankly, where I would like to be today also.  Which brings us to…


liguria-189267_6401.  ITALY — Beautiful scenery.  Delicious food.  Beautiful people.  Warm sun.  Why did my ancestors ever leave this place???


paris-176935_6402.  PARIS —  Paris is beautiful in spring, right?  Isn’t there a song about it or something?  Even if the weather is bad, I can always hang out in the Louvre, so either way — it’s all good.



3.  NEW ZEALAND:  I believe it is autumn there right now, but that’s okay because that is my favorite season.  And just look this scenery — those are some very lucky sheep.


ireland-122799_6404.  IRELAND:  Yes, I understand that Ireland is often rainy and cold — but it will be Irish rain, which of course, will be entirely different.  Because I’ll be in Ireland.



5.  And, of course, BORA BORA.  (Purely for research purposes.  I haven’t forgotten my pledge to you, dear reader.)

Someday, friends, someday.

In the meantime, I will go make myself a cup of tea, and try to work up some enthusiasm over the fact that the temperature has come all the way up to thirty-eight degrees!  Warmer days are coming…

…aren’t they?


8 thoughts on “Take Me There

  1. Warmer days are coming, yes, they are…and look at that, the sun is peeking through. It’s still ridiculously cold though. But this post with its destination vacation spots gave much to smile about.


    1. I am in Western Pennsylvania. We had some beautiful weather a few days ago, warm in the 70s with lots of sun, but the temps have dipped again. I’m sure a warm up is on the way again — soon, I hope! 🙂


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