How To Make A Flower Pen

It’s been a long time since anything crafty happened around here, hasn’t it?

That won’t do — won’t do at all!

It’s not for lack of effort, I can promise you that.  I have several craft projects happening at once right now…which means nothing is finished.  I was starting to feel depressed about my inability to complete anything, so I decided to work on a craft that I KNEW I could finish in one sitting:  the flower pen!

If you have a short attention span, this is the craft for you.  It can be finished in less than a minute — no joke.

First, gather your supplies.  You will need green floral tape, plastic flowers, wire cutters, and a pen.

flower pen directions 004

Cut the flower of your choice from the bunch using the wire cutters.  Leave 1-2 inches of stem.

flower pen directions 006


Now tear off about 2 feet of green floral tape.  Remove the cap from the pen.

Wrap the tape around the end of the pen without the ballpoint (the flat end).  Lay the stem lengthwise against the pen barrel.

Continue wrapping the tape around the pen, covering the stem as you work down the barrel.  Overlap the tape slightly so that the pen doesn’t show through.

flower pen directions 007

Wrap the tape down the pen until just above the ball point.  Then reverse direction and wrap back to the top.  I like to add extra layers around the stem area to help prevent the wire stem from poking through the tape.  Smooth the end of the tape so that it adheres to itself at the top of the pen.

flower pen directions 001


That’s it!  These pens are fast and easy to make — you can create a bouquet in no time at all.  I like to have several around the house because they are easy to find.  The cheery flower tops catch my eye in even the most cluttered spaces.  (Not that clutter is ever a problem around here…)

flower pen directions 008




Pair your pen with a padded journal or a stack of pretty note cards for a sweet and simple present — perfect for an end of the year surprise for a favorite teacher or bus driver!

Happy crafting!


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