A weed is but an unloved flower.”

–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

earlyjunesnaps2014 028

How do we decide which plants are weeds?  and which are deserving of being labelled flowers?  Perhaps there is a rational, horticultural answer to that, but to me  it seems to be an arbitrary determination.

June 2-2014 004

I’ve taken a few snapshots of the “weeds” blooming in and around my yard the last few weeks, and I think they are as lovely as any hothouse flower.

June 2-2014 009

It causes me to wonder…how did we decide that one bloom should be considered a worthy flower —

June 2-2014 014while another —

June 2-2014 007

should be relegated to the status of unwanted intruder?

I can’t see why one flower should rank higher than another.  Can you?

earlyjunesnaps2014 003
Flower or Weed? I honestly don’t know, but it adds happy color to the yard, so that’s good enough for me.


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