Flash Fiction Friday: Nothing

No suggestions were offered last week, so today the prompt is “Nothing.”


Her senses strained, desperate to receive a signal of any sort — a speck of light, a whisper of sound, even a whiff of scent to orient her inside the void — but only the sucking rush of nothing swirled about her.  Panic pricked the edge of her mind.  She tried to speak, but found herself voiceless.

Her jaw clicked and popped as she struggled to expunge the gag.  Her molars pinched the flesh of her cheek, shocking her into stillness.  Metallic blood, sharp as any knife, leaked into her mouth and drowned her words.

She rose then, and went to rinse the offending taste from her mouth.  Moments later, armed with coffee and a new determination, she returned to her station before the glowing screen.

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block,” she announced to the empty room.

The cursor winked at her, egging her own.  She scowled at it, and began to type.


Thank you for reading.  Here’s are some ways you can help keep this feature going:

  1. Submit a first line suggestion for next week in the comments section.  No obscenities, please.   Prompts will be chosen at random, lottery style.  
  2. Come back to Bright Tuesday next Friday to find out which suggested first line was chosen, and to read the next Flash Fiction Friday story (750 words or less). 
  3. I appreciate constructive criticism, so please offer your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Fiction Writers:  You are invited to write your own story using today’s prompt to post on your own blog.  Please include a link back to this post, and leave a link to your story in the comments section.  Doing so allows participating authors to read and comment on each other’s work, and also helps readers find new authors to enjoy. 

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Nothing

  1. That was great. And we so deserved it!!! Sorry about the bloody mouth though. So for next week… It promised to be a beautiful day, but as the sun filtered through the eerie fog on this Friday the 13th, she wasn’t buying it.


    1. Glad you liked it. I was wondering if I should use an old suggestion, but then decided to go with what I had…which was nothing. 🙂
      Great prompt, and I won’t have to find something new to say about nothing next week now!


  2. Okay—-that was awesome! I am loving the fact that I get to read stuff today—and write to boot! Okay my suggestion—“With an enthusiastic handshake the deal was sealed.”


  3. The cursor winking drilled it home for me. I’ve noticed it mocking me every once in a while as well. I enjoyed your take, K! My suggestion: “We gave it everything we had, but it wasn’t enough.”


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