Flash Fiction Friday on Hiatus

Ten weeks ago I started a new feature here: Flash Fiction Friday!  It’s been a wonderful experiment, and has provided the perfect opportunity for me to practice my fiction writing skills on a weekly basis.  I’ve appreciated your comments and suggestions — you’ve all helped me develop my aptitude as a writer of fiction.

I’ve decided to take a short break from Flash Fiction Friday (FFF), as I have another writing project I’d like to be focusing on, and I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to accomplish that.  I’m not ready to abandon FFF, however, as I’ve come to enjoy the challenge of crafting story from the prompts you graciously provide me with week after week.  Instead, I’m going to put it on hold until I can get some speed going on my new project.  Until then I will try to keep you entertained with my usual posts offering my own brand of observations on life, family, humor, and whatever else pops into my mind!

Flash Fiction Friday will return to Bright Tuesday on July 25th.  The prompt for that story will be:  “It’s time,” she said, grabbing her suitcase and striding toward the…

Thanks again to everyone who reads, comments, and provides new prompts for my stories!



2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday on Hiatus

  1. I’ll miss Flash Fiction Friday…can’t wait until it returns! Meanwhile, good luck on your current endeavor.


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