Happy World Kiss Day!

Today, July 6, is International Kissing Day — also called World Kiss Day.  It’s a day without much of an agenda.  It’s only design is to help us remember the joy of a simple act of affection, the kiss.
July 6, 1996
July 6, 1996
It’s also my wedding anniversary.
How wonderful is that?  It’s true — I’m feeling happy, sappy, romantic about this realization.
Can you imagine a world without kisses?  I can’t!  Sometimes a kiss says it all, when I can’t find the words.  I’ve rained kisses on the foreheads of my sleeping babies, and sealed my marriage vows with a kiss before my closest friends and family.  Not a day goes by without giving or getting smooches at my house — we all kiss each other good morning, hello, good-bye, good night.  We’re a kissy bunch!
Don’t over think it —  grab the people you love most and give them a big smooch today!

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