Flash Fiction Friday: Like We Used To Do


“Let’s do something.”

“That’s funny, I thought we were doing something right now.”

“I mean like we used to do– before kids, before husbands, back when we were wild and fun.”

“I don’t think we were ever wild.”

“We were fun.”

“I’ll give you that.  How about this weekend, say Friday night?”

“I’ve got an officer’s meeting for PTA Friday night.  Make it Saturday.  We’ll go dancing at Max’s!  I can wear my old mini-skirt.”

“It’s too smoky at Max’s.  Maybe we could grab some drinks at the Liar’s Lounge instead?”

“It’ll be smoky there, too.  How about the restaurant bar at the Watson Inn.  There’s no smoking there.”

“Wait – what am I thinking?  I can’t drink on Saturday night!  I have to be ready for church choir Sunday morning, and then I have to run the kids to soccer practice in the afternoon.  Can’t chance a hangover — gotta be sharp.”

“Coffee it is then.  Decaf, or I’ll be up all night.  Maybe I could get a slice of pie, too — they make the best apple crumb around.”

“We could make it earlier – say 3:00?  Then we’d have plenty of time to burn the caffeine out of our systems before bed.”

“Okay, so to recap – we’re going to have coffee and pie at the Inn at 3:00 in the afternoon next Saturday.”

“Sounds good.”

“And this is us being wild and crazy, like the old days?”

“You are going to wear a mini-skirt.”

“Good point.  I stand corrected.”

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