How Are We Doing So Far?

Well, here we are — July 1st.

2015 is half over already — and what have we done with it so far?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a long list of accomplishments stacked up. Oh, I’ve done a few things I can be proud of. I paid off a couple of credit cards. I got my first ever mammogram.. And I finally got around to organizing my messy closets.


While I’m not typically one to proclaim grandiose New Year’s Resolutions, I must admit that I harbored higher expectations for my productivity in 2015. Nothing flashy, mind you, but certainly something with a little more punch to it than finally folding all the pillow cases in my linen closet in an orderly fashion.

But maybe I’m selling myself short. I mean, I can’t expect life to be one thrilling mountain top experience after another, right? That would be exhausting, for one thing. Not to mention — having a zero balance on a credit card is nothing to scoff it.

So, yes, 2015 is half over, but that’s nothing to get my knickers in a twist over. It’s naught an arbitrary marker of time anyway. If I’m going to maintain any degree of happiness, I can’t be worrying all the time over whether or not I’m enough.  After all, I want to live a life that is an awesome on-going experience, and not just a list of achievements I use to verify my worth.

(I think that could be why we call the way we spend our allotted days “living” and not “measuring up.” Just a thought…)

I’m not saying you should quit your job and live on the beach selling shell necklaces. I get it; we all have obligations, goals, and responsibilities.  But remember, this life is the only one we get, folks.

Let’s make it a good one.

Take a walk and enjoy the sunshine on your shoulders. Notice the flowers. Jump in a rain puddle.  Play with a puppy. Have friends over for dinner. Drink wine at sunset. Take the kids out for ice cream. Put your feet in the ocean or go swimming in a lake.  Sprinkle love all over the place.

You’ll be glad you did.






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