Only 11 Days Until School Starts…But Who’s Counting?

I can’t believe summer is almost over.

I know the calendar says summer won’t end until September 23 this year, but seriously – everyone knows as soon the first school bell rings, it’s OVER. The school year ushers in its own schedule of obligations, homework, activities, and sporting events, leaving little room for summertime fun no matter how hot the thermometer indicates the day is.

summerpix2015 031It’s been a good summer. Lots of days were spent in and around a pool in a lovely wooded setting. We enjoyed trips to Presque Isle State Park where we swam in Lake Erie, and walked on the trails. The days were packed with the fun of graduation parties, weddings, and church picnics. Amusement parks, parades, and craft shows dominated our calendar. We ate off the grill almost every night, stuffed ourselves with juicy watermelon, and indulged our taste buds with deep fried carnival food.

We did it all, and enjoyed every sun burnt, mosquito plagued minute of the season.

And yet..

even so….

I’m counting the days til school starts and my darling offspring get the heck out of Dodge from 8 to 3 everyday! I’m ready for predictable schedules, the Monday through Friday sameness of it all, and yes, I’ll say it, the beautiful sound of silence after dear hubby and fabulous kiddos head off to their own worlds for the day.

The thing is, no matter how wonderful my children are (and mine are pretty awesome…most of the time…usually…) I still want them to leave me alone long enough to string two consecutive thoughts together without needing me to break up a slap fight or negotiate terms of fair use for the Wii.

Case in point: I’ve been trying to write this blog post for almost five hours now, but the everyday chaos of summer living keeps pulling me from the keyboard.

That is why I am ready. Ready for them to go away so I can enjoy the feeling of wishing we had more time together.

Absence – I believe it really will make my heart grow fonder. ❤

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