What’s in a Date?


Guess what?  Bright Tuesday is two today!

For some reason, April 6 seems to be a big day for me.  In addition to today being my blog anniversary (bloggiversary?  anniblog?  Ugh, there is no good way to shorthand that, is there?), I can name five people in my life who have a birthday today — including my own son!

Although I can’t be counted among the ranks of those who believe certain days or dates contain mystical power, I do have to admit that it seems an odd coincidence to be connected to so many people who celebrate April 6 as a birthday.  Perhaps it is simply the result of a greater awareness because of my own connection to the day.  For instance, years ago, I bought a mini van, and afterwards I saw mini vans of the exact same make, model and color everywhere I drove.  I’m sure there were all on the roads before I bought my own vehicle, but I never noticed them until I had one of the same.  I have a feeling a similar phenomenon is happening in respect to “April 6.”

Or maybe I need to go buy a lottery ticket today.  I doubt it, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy for this day!  Happy to celebrate the birth of my son and dear friends, and happy to realize a second great year of blogging and writing has passed.

I am eagerly anticipating another 365 days of funny stories, photographs, crafty projects, short fiction, and whatever else I take into my head to publish here

Thanks for reading!

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