Flash Fiction Friday – Wise Counsel

Today’s Flash Fiction Friday prompt:

“He had told her not to do it.”


He had told her not to do it.

“You’ll regret it,” he said, and with those words he sparked a raging conflagration.

She told him to stay out of her business.  How dare he presume to counsel her on such a personal decision!  Was this because they were engaged?

Did he think the change in relationship status gave him some sort of macho man veto power in her life?  It didn’t, she railed, and if he assumed it did – well, then perhaps he should reconsider his proposal!  She wasn’t going to give up her right to autonomous decision making because he put a ring on her finger.  Some things were none of his business, she added, and who asked for his opinion anyway?

She was still her own woman.  Some life choices would always be hers — and hers alone.  She gave a toss of her wild mane of hair as she stomped out of the house, the screen door banging shut behind her.

Hours later he found her sitting on the couch, sniffing and trying to wipe smeared mascara away from eyes which were puffy from an extended crying jag.  He sat beside her and pulled her into a comforting embrace, not even caring when her sobs stained his favorite polo shirt with tears and makeup.  She wailed her regret into his chest.

“You told me not to do it, but I wouldn’t listen.”  Another bout of tears wracked her frame.

When at last her crying stopped, he put his hand under her chin and tilted her face up to his.  Her hair, only hours ago a luxuriant mass of tresses, now framed her face in a pageboy bob.

“I was wrong,” he said, kissing her on the tip of the nose.

“You look stunning in short hair.”


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