Yes, It’s Still Winter

How’s your winter going?  Record snow?  Wind chills off the chart with gusts that tear through your heaviest winter parka like it was tissue paper?  One too many snow days stuck inside with bored and bickering children because the weather outside is capable of freezing their noses off in approximately 2.5 seconds?

Yeah.  Me, too.  I feel as if this year’s winter weather is especially frigid — and a string of record lows serves to support my opinion.

But, take heart!  Spring-like temps are only weeks away…well, that might be pushing it, but at this point I’m calling anything above the freezing point spring-like.  It’s a strange paradox, but fifty degree weather in October sends me rushing to dig out my sweaters and  fuzzy socks, while thirty-three degrees in March is spring-like and inspires me to sit on the back porch in short sleeves trying to soak up whatever rays of sunlight battle their way through the atmosphere to warm my skin.

I'm thinking I still have a few weeks of waiting before I can do any porch sitting...
This picture was taken three weeks ago. We’ve had more snow since then — a lot more. I’m thinking I still have a few weeks of waiting before I can do any porch sitting…

The trick, according to a friend of mine, is to “embrace winter.”  And while I can’t say — or even type — this phrase without rolling my eyes (I’m not made of stone, people), the truth is…he’s right.  Absolutely and totally right.  Except, uh, what does that mean, exactly?

Well, for my kids it means going snowboarding and building an igloo in the front yard.  For me, it means drinking lots of coffee, and crocheting warm fuzzies to share with family, friends, and charity.  Winter is also the perfect time of year for family Netflix marathons on the weekends, and board game nights with the kids.  I’m fortunate to live in area that experiences the full range of all four seasons, including winter in all it’s frozen glory.  I can’t change it, so I might as well enjoy it.

(Disclosure:  I rolled my eyes a little when I typed that last sentence.  But I want to mean it…I really do.)

I can do this.   Wcan do this!

After all, March arrives in only two days, bringing with it all it’s 33 degree Fahrenheit spring-like glory!

Sigh.  Time to make another pot of coffee…


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