Scents of the Season

What does summer smell like to you?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

To me it smells like fresh cut grass and bubble blowing soap; like hamburgers on the grill and over-ripe watermelon slices; like sun and rain and mud, and wood smoke from a campfire on warm evening.

It smstaycation 2013 067ells of burnt firecrackers and smoking sparklers, of sun block and coconut scented body lotion, of wet sand and wind.  It’s the aroma of briny lake wafting over a sandy blanket.  It’s the whiff of chlorine in damp hair and the blast of ozone during a thunderstorm.

It’s the smell of hot wax dripping onto the icing of a birthday cake, and the scent of warm sun on beach towels left out to dry on the deck railing.  It’s the earthy smell of farms, and cows, and manure, and wet dog.

Summer is the scent of happiness and fun, and nostalgia, and heartache, and happily ever after, and salty tears, and red wine and strawberries, and anniversary roses.rose-351595_640

It’s the fragrance of a thousand memories, and the hint of a thousand more yet to be made.

It smells wonderful.