Feeling blue?  Life got you down?  Or do you simply enjoy a good giggle?  You’ve come to the right place!  Some of these posts are laugh out loud funny while others take a more subdued tone — but I guarantee you’re sure to find a chuckle or two somewhere in this comprehensive list of my most humorous writing:

World Cat Day

A Visit To the Vet    

Say Cheese    

Wardrobe Malfunction    

Tax Day    

Blame It On Facebook    


The Fixer Upper    

But I Make Those Sweatpants Look Good!    

The Fifth Season    

Household Tips & Tricks For The Homemaking Impaired    

Tomorrow Is Super Bowl Sunday and I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear    

Stop Wondering    

I Guess It Was Just One of Those Days    

I Hereby Resolve    

Plants and Parenthood    

Future Me    

You Know What I Mean    

Everything Is Not All About Me    

Then What?    

You Never Can Tell    

My Private World of Worry    

Estate Sale    

A Bunch of Nothing    

I’m Not A Poet    

A Cooking Lesson        

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do    

What Might Be Wrong With Your Yard    


Household Mysteries    

The Not So Secret Lives of Strangers    

Stormy Weather    


Should I Stay or Should I Go?    

Seven Mostly True Facts About Me    

Ginger Ale, Iced Tea, and Me    

Your Real Friends    

Breakfast In Bed    

Call Me, Maybe    

I Never Met A Cup of Coffee I Didn’t Like    

How Breaking Things Will Make Me Rich    

Indiana Jones is 70    

Bugging Out    

When Egos Collide    

The Minister’s Cat Is A Mean Old Cat    

Bucket List



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