Future Me

Today the Daily Post prompt suggested I imagine how this blog’s “About” page would read ten years from now.  Ever the optimist, my mind immediately began making “improvements,” so it would read like this:




Bright Tuesday is the blog of renowned novelist Kristine Riddle.  Her career has amazed critics and fans alike, as she has published a best-seller each year for the last ten years….blahblahblah…travels extensively…blahblahblah…recipient of numerous awards…blahblahblah…best person, writer, mother, friend EVER, so the rest of you all should just stop trying, okay?  



I have never, ever imagined a future life that wasn’t vastly superior in every way to the life I am living right now.  For some reason, I always think the mere passage of time is going to turn me into someone else — someone better, smarter, leaner — Kristine 2.0, with all the upgrades and revisions needed to take me from good to great.

One thing I never seem to do is to entertain the possibility my life might get worse.  Who knows?  My “about” page in ten years might detail my decade long struggle to get published — and not succeeding.  I might be writing blog posts with titles like “Tips for Surviving Bankruptcy – From Someone Who Has Been There” or “My Children Won’t Speak to Me.”

I don’t think my future will look like that — but the truth is, I don’t know.  I think it’s a testament to the optimism of the human spirit that I always assume the future will be better.

I haven’t read my “about” page in awhile, so during the course of writing this post, I decided to take a peek at it again.  That’s when I remembered:  I like my life the way it is right now.  I don’t have to wait ten years for the life I always wanted — I’m living the good life already.  Anything else would be icing on the cake.

Still it is fun to dream…one or two literary successes of the best-selling sort — is that too much to ask?


16 thoughts on “Future Me

      1. Oh, I see what you meant there. I guess my reading comprehension wasn’t up to par today. haha
        It does seem like a kindergarten word, I suppose. Might as well say “All About Me” or something equally juvenile. Maybe it should say “Profile” or “Biography” instead, although I’m not loving either one of those either. You’ve given me something to think about! Now I can obsess about this instead instead of cooking dinner… 🙂


      2. Hehehe – well if you think about it – on just about every piece of software you use, there’s an ‘about’. Now with very few exceptions, no one I know deserves an introduction like that… I’m glad I gave you something to think about 😀


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