Take Me There

Today is not a pretty spring day.  The wind is blowing, rain is falling, the sun is hiding, and the temperature has stalled at thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

There are days when I can look beyond less than ideal weather conditions and see beauty instead.  Those are the days when I can find the interesting shades of gray in a dull palate of sky, or when I can be thankful because it is raining lightly but not violently storming.  I can step outside and instead of registering disappointment over unseasonably cool weather, I happily clap my hands together and declare to all that the day is perfect for a brisk walk in the bracing air.

This is not one of those days.

This is the kind of day where I shake my fist at the thermometer and stand staring out the window, fists planted on my hips, not quite believing what I see.  What happened to the blue skies and warm temperatures that were here only days ago?  Where have the frisky bunnies and chirping birds gone?  Where, o where, is the sun?

Somewhere else — which is, quite frankly, where I would like to be today also.  Which brings us to…


liguria-189267_6401.  ITALY — Beautiful scenery.  Delicious food.  Beautiful people.  Warm sun.  Why did my ancestors ever leave this place???


paris-176935_6402.  PARIS —  Paris is beautiful in spring, right?  Isn’t there a song about it or something?  Even if the weather is bad, I can always hang out in the Louvre, so either way — it’s all good.



3.  NEW ZEALAND:  I believe it is autumn there right now, but that’s okay because that is my favorite season.  And just look this scenery — those are some very lucky sheep.


ireland-122799_6404.  IRELAND:  Yes, I understand that Ireland is often rainy and cold — but it will be Irish rain, which of course, will be entirely different.  Because I’ll be in Ireland.



5.  And, of course, BORA BORA.  (Purely for research purposes.  I haven’t forgotten my pledge to you, dear reader.)

Someday, friends, someday.

In the meantime, I will go make myself a cup of tea, and try to work up some enthusiasm over the fact that the temperature has come all the way up to thirty-eight degrees!  Warmer days are coming…

…aren’t they?